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Tools to solve any business problem in 30 mins or less


Do you want to grow, but feel stuck?
Has your current business gotten out of hand?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?


The business has grown and what used to work is no longer working.


The business needs more! You have to hire and learn how to get your people to do what you need them to do.


You're sick of reinventing the wheel when you KNOW there are better ways to do what you’re already doing.
These are some of the general topics we cover inSIDE THE PROGRAM

What's in the Toolbox?

Work on your biz, not in it
Learn exactly what top-performing business owners do to leap from owner-operator to owner-manager, to CEO.
Leadership & Management
Leadership and management are skills that are essential when building a business. Become an effective and impactful manager and leader with this module.
Time Management
Having good time management skills is extremely important, not only for your business but also for everyday life.
40% of business owners say they're bad at this. Don't let that be your story. Learn our process.  Use our templates.  Hire like a pro!
Template Library
The tools and templates, resources and samples in this room to give you a huge head start as you add process to what is already going well in your business
Learn how to navigate the onboarding process in order to become a more successful team leader.
sales fundamentals
Sales is an art and a science and it’s critical to understand both sides in order to unlock your sales potential.  Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, you are going to find the best tips, tricks, ideas and insights to help you up-level your sales game.  You are going to be inspired with:

• Fresh ideas about how to sell
• Tips and Techniques to help you make and exceed all of your sales goals
• The formula that gives you a slight edge on your competitors
• Real tools to help you improve your sales results
There is no silver bullet in marketing, but there are game-changing fundamentals that transform your understanding of marketing and amplify your execution and results.  These tools help you create marketing success more successfully than you ever have before.
goals and planning
Goal setting and planning is the key to creating consistent progress in the direction you want to grow. In this power-packed room you will discover:

• SMART goal setting fundamentals
• How to set great goals at the right level
• Setting your annual intention
• Creating goals you will achieve predictably
• Backwards engineering your goals
• What to avoid and what to do along the way!
• An easy Forecasting Tool

Why should you choose
Homepro Toolbox?

  • 1

    HPTB is the accumulation of 20 years of industry experience and expertise by Madeleine MacRae who has coached hundreds of small business owners in the home improvement industry.

  • 2

    None of this content is theory or fluff created in an ivory tower, but battle tested in the field across decades, geographies and segments - everything comes from real life use cases from real businesses.

  • 3

    We are THE ONLY resource of this kind in the home improvement industry. We are offering you a never-seen-before, unique service.

  • 4

    With our course, you can go from thinking like an owner/operator today, to thinking like the CEO of your business tomorrow! This mindset switch will lead the growth of your company (management and leadership).

Get the right tool for the right job.
Homepro Toolbox is the right tool to help you run your business.


Each of the companies we own have excelled since our engagement with Madeleine. She has provided a voice of reason, accountability and encouragement. I consider her the single most important ingredient we have added to our recipe of success.

CEO | M4 Specialty / PGTX

Since working with Madeleine I have tripled the size of my business. Being a small business owner takes on new meaning when you have a staff that needs management and leadership – Madeleine has helped me learn how to handle issues with skill and purpose so that my vision is clear to staff and clients alike.

Owner | Energy Exteriors NW

The advice I’ve received from Madeleine has kept me from going into burnout during difficult seasons. It’s also just fun! I get excited finding ways to uplevel our business and work smarter not harder.

Business Manager | Schammerhorn Inc


Your membership includes

1) On-demand access to every tool in the toolbox
2) Short, impactful, easy-to-find video content, swipe copy, templates, downloadable resources
3) Community of your true peers - owners and leaders building businesses just like yours
4) Advanced access to newly launched content such as Sales, Marketing and Goal Setting
5) Full access to the Homepro Toolbox team for support and advice!


Get Started


Get Started

Sample Videos


What if I can’t figure out how to apply the content to my own business?


This is one of those questions that people ask us privately FAR MORE OFTEN than you might think… So, we have a few solutions:

Option 1 - write a comment directly below the video asking your specific question.  Our team monitors those comments every working day and can reach out to you with a direct answer.

Option 2 - Ask the community.  If you want to get other people’s ideas on your question, you can go to the ROUNDTABLE room and make a new post asking for some support on how to apply what you’re learned to your specific scenario.  There is so much wisdom in our Members, this could be a really rich way to solve the problem.

Option 3 - upgrade your membership to Virtual Coaching (you’ll find the room for that in the toolbox forum) and you will get private one-on-one access to our team.  You can ask any question or seek advice without being on-blast to the whole community.  It’s a great solution when you want to keep some of your stumbling blocks a little more private.

How do I know for sure that the content is as good as you say it is?


First off, this is Madeleine talking right to you, personally, and I want to say that I love that you are a discerning person.  Bravo for not just taking our word for it!

To answer your question, the first thing I would say is that our testimonials are REAL.  Go ahead and look them up.  Those are real business owners who have been using the EXACT CONTENT that you’re getting access to for years now.  They have real businesses with millions and millions of dollars of annual growth and with every single problem (or is it opportunity!) that comes with it!  Next, I believe that you should trust but verify.  So, watch the sample videos, read our blogs, see for yourself if what’s said there passes your sniff test.

Finally, I’ll just say a few words about me.  I’ve been in the greater home improvement industry for my whole career.  I’ve studied -- and I’m not talking just about in books and classrooms -- what it really takes for small- to mid- sized business to succeed or to fail in this industry.  I’ve watched people do it wrong, I’ve seen them do it right and I’ve coached hundreds of people through the gap between the two.  I’ve taught over 15,000 pros since 2016 alone and I have lived an entrepreneurial life myself.  In fact, Homepro Toolbox is the third business I’ve built.  So, what I teach in the toolbox and the content contributors we vet and share with you is real, tried-and-true stuff.  

Are there other options out there?  Other approaches you can take?  Absolutely!  But what is in the toolbox is the absolute best of what I’ve ever seen and is the real content that I’ve used to help business owner not only grow good businesses but to be happy and feel successful along the way.  I would encourage you to take the leap of faith!  We have a 30-day money-back guarantee.  I think it’s well worth the gamble!

What if I don’t find what I need?


You’re getting into the Homepro Toolbox on the ground floor.  We have SO MUCH content that we have planned for you and if you don’t find what you need, just ASK US.  We can work to get you an immediate usable answer RIGHT AWAY (and I’m talking within hours most of the time!) and then will prioritize that content for formal addition into the toolbox.  So, you get to dictate our next steps… cool, right!?!?

What if I join and I don’t like the content?  That’s happened before to me!


My friend, I have been there!!!!  You get all excited because the ad was so great and you think that the course is just going to be life changing and then you get into it and it’s slow, and full of stuff you already knew or is just plain BAD!  That’s the WORST, especially when you’ve invested your time and your money in it.  And the time is what burns me the most.  We love what we’ve built in the Homepro Toolbox and we think that there are enough tools and support in there to suit everyone, but we know that one-size-fits-all is just not realistic.  So, if you make the leap, join the Community and just end up hating it or finding it useless, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee.  Just reach out to us via email (reply to any email we’ve sent you) and we will help you end your membership and refund you the money.  Just that easy.  

How long is the membership?


This is a subscription. Just like Netflix or Home Chef or Amazon Prime.  Your membership will automatically renew on the basis that you picked (monthly, semi-annually or annually).  You don’t need to lift a finger and you can end it any time.

What do I do if I want to end my membership?  Will I be stuck in a contract?


The truth is that we don’t want Members who are in the Toolbox out of obligation.  We want people who are there because the WANT to be there and because the tools and resources and community are HELPING them.  If that’s not the case, you can just end your membership.  One click process.  No hoops to jump through, no legally binding contract to get yourself out of.  Just that easy!  Now, of course, we LOVE our Members and want to make sure you have the best possible experience, so you may get a call checking in on why you left, but it will be in service to you and to our other members, not to strongarm you in coming back. Deal?

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